Leader in the Business: Vossen Wheels

It’s being almost 25 years that vossen wheels is in market and since then they are leaders of the market. Although not the originator but are the leaders of concave wheels that are the hot cake of the market. The main feature of concave wheels is that instead of a deep outer dish, it a very small or no dish, while the spokes sweep inward to form a bowl shape. Their general durability can be checked from the fact that they offer a 5-year workmanship warranty and a lifetime materials warranty which means they have a high confidence of their product. They are best fit for BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi and Lexus.

Vossen wheels are designed for TPMS compatibility and fitments even for oversized brake caliper setups which definitely increases their popularity and market value. VVSCV1: It’s a deep Concave wheel that comes in Matte Graphite, Black/Machined and Matte Silver/Machined colors. VVSCV2: It is also a deep Concave wheel which comes in Matte Graphite, Black/Machined and Matte Silver/Machined. The 7 Y-spoke design is suggestive for many classic wheels by BBS and others. VVSCV3: It is another Deep Concave wheel that is available in Matte Graphite, Black/Machined and Matte Silver/Machined.  VVS086: Clearly, it is not a Deep Concave wheel, but has an asymmetric spoke design and breathtakingly deep dish which stands it out amongst others.

It is available in Matte Black/Machined and Matte Silver/Machined. VVS087: It is a double 5-spoke design. The 087 is available in Matte Black with a Gloss Black dish and in Matte Silver/Machined. For further assistance about the inventory Vossen wheels have you can contact Jimmy at JB Custom Wheels. He will guide you through what fits your car well and what you need best for you car.  You visit the best and also he is available on call.